ACCA Exhibition Sponsorship

Textile Wall Paper | Ilfotex | Melbourne | Colour Factory

Project: Textile wall paper “Ilfotex” printed on Latex ink printer
For: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Colour Factory is proud to sponsor a magnificent exhibition at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Our contribution is the production of a textile wall paper “Ilfotex” printed on our Latex ink printer. We supplied around 200 square meters of wallpaper to completely cover the walls of gallery 4. The production took 3 days including file preparation, trimming packing and delivery At distance a compilation of several photographs showing the scarification of trees for the production of bowls, canoes and other traditional vessels creates a spectacular backdrop for the upcoming exhibition “Sovereignty”. When investigated closer the news print effect gives these grand images an historic feel as if being lifted from a newspaper a topic worthy of the media.

Curated by Max Delany & co-curated with Paola Balla (Wemba-Wemba and Gunditjmara).

We hope everyone can get a chance to see the exhibition. Colour Factory is proud to be a sponsor of one of Australia’s most important venues.