Guy Vinciguerra

Guy Vinciguerra-
Silk Road Stories
Taken over the course of more than ten years these works are shot on  black and white film. Donkeys, power stations, nomads and rusted billboards are all treated with equal reverence and curiosity. They present the quiet dignity of their subjects along with the surreal happenings where ancient and modern worlds collide.

Guy Vinciguerra is a photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. Guy has undertaken several long-term photographic projects including capturing images of people and place encountered along the Silk Road in China and Uzbekistan. He has documented youth culture and city life in Tokyo. Guy has also photographed extensively in the USA, Indonesia and Europe as well as his home town of Perth.

Guy has published two books of his photographs,Crossing the Line, documenting social and urban change within the city of Perth and Cosplay, a celebration of Tokyo’s youth sub-culture.

Over the last ten years Guy has had several solo exhibitions in Perth and his works are held in many collections in Australia, the United States and Europe.

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