Photographic Stop-Motion Video Streaming at Fed Square – Green Thumb

Kotoe Ishii
Green Thumb
Federation Square big screen

As part of Next Wave’s Time Lapse Screening

Exhibition runs April 1 – 29, 2010

The screenings run through to the end of April and take place every Thursday from 5.30-6.30pm.

“Green Thumb is a work that, when presented on the Big Screen, will introduce a simultaneously innocent and disturbing intimacy to the public space of Federation Square.”

“Adapted from the 1950s children’s picture-book of the same name, Green Thumb is a short video using photographic stop-motion techniques, created on a loop. There is no dialogue, just natural, ambient sounds. Continuing Kotoe’s long-held investigations into the physical effect of repressed emotions on the body, Green Thumb sees a series of repeated actions/movements in public space.  Specifically, the video features Kotoe’s own thumb, shot in close-up, inserting itself into various holes in the urban landscape. As she does this, plants and trees sprout from the holes.”

Two South African artists create strategies for survival in Australia.

Zanele Muholi and Anthea Moys
Faculty Gallery, Faculty Art & Design – Monash University
Opening night: Wednesday, April 14, 5-7pm

Zanele_Muholi_Anthea_MoysExhibition runs April 8 – 16, 2010

“Over a two month period, two South African artists, Zanele Muholi and Anthea Moys create strategies to negotiate their space within Melbourne, Australia.

Muholi’s focus is on body politics in which race, gender and sexuality are her muse.

Moys’ interest lies in the relationship between risk, fear and play enacted through the body in sport and how this is performed on Melbourne’s various playing fields.”

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