One Night Only Melbourne Art Exhibition!!

Holes in the Wall
Curated by Theresa Harrison

Opening night: Thursday 25th March 2010
276 Station St, North Carlton

Artists: Linsey Gosper, Shay Minster, Valentina Palonen, Damien Rudd & Urban Village Melbourne, Sonya Parton, Anga’aefonu Bain-Vete, Peta Glenn, Shu Liu, Richard Bruch, Andrew Reynolds, Ammon Beyerle, Caitlyn Parry

HolesIn TheWall_ TheresaHarrison

Curator Theresa Harrison has invited 12 artists to transform a Carlton North home into a series of arts installations. The result is Holes in the Wall, a site-specific exhibition that allows its audience to indulge their innate voyeuristic desires, offering a glimpse into a series of uncanny domestic spaces. It will be held for one night only, on Thursday 25 March from 7-10pm.

While the house will be emptied of its inhabitants, artists will work within the confines of the existing domestic space, creating installations amidst the quotidian lives of the people that normally reside there. Audiences will be invited to peer into these strange yet familiar worlds via the windows of the adjoining laneway. By not allowing the spectator to enter these rooms, however, their voyeuristic urges can never be entirely satisfied. Holes in the Wall challenges the boundaries between art and the everyday, public and private, and internal and external. The exhibition also questions the social meanings attached to suburban architecture, encouraging audiences to look beyond the windows, doors, fences and walls traditionally designed to keep intruders out and protect the privacy of the occupants inside.

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