NGV International – Greg Semu Exhibition

type C transparency, light box 110.0 x 77.5 cm (image and sheet) Collection of the artist, Sydney © Greg Semu, courtesy Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

Greg Semu
The Raft of the Tagata Pasifika (People of the Pacific)

Proud to have been involved with this exhibition of new works by Greg Semu at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The show consists of large scale photographic Duratran images facemounted to acrylic. Greg has constructed lightboxes and placed the images in a dark environment to showcase the illuminated Duratran image. The content of the work is formed from his study of old master paintings in the Louvre -  giving Semu the idea to recreate the compositions so the viewer could become involved in the narrative – extending the action into the viewer’s space.

The show runs from

10 Jun 16 – 11 Sep 16

NGV International

Ground Level, Temporary Exhibitions

Images courtesy of Greg Semu | Alcaston Gallery

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