Liesl Pfeffer – fine art printing by Colour Factory

Hearts and Arrows by Liesl Pfeffer

Opens: Friday 28 October, 6-8pm

Exhibition runs  until 19 November 2011

Hearts and Arrows (2011) is an exhibition of photo-media collages and textile works depicting minerals, crystals, gemstones and diamonds. The title references diamond cutting: ‘hearts and arrows’ diamonds are said to be unmatched in precision, beauty and perfection. The works in this exhibition are playful and colourful interpretations of rare precious stones prized for their beauty, mystery and luxury. Bright, hard-edged photo-collages are juxtaposed beside whimsical folk art textiles. The experience of viewing the exhibition is to be immersed in a synthetic world of facets, colour, prisms and light. 

Liesl’s stunning work was proudly printed by Colour Factory using our fine art inkjet printing service.

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