Buddha’s Robes

Exhibition Dates – July 2 – Aug 1

Opening event: July 2, 6-8pm


Tobi Wilkinson

The monk’s robes are what uniquely identify them as firstly monks (to the outsider) and then secondly, within their own Buddhist lineages, the type of robe, the colour and the way it is worn all carry significance.  Capturing  the paradox between the uniformity of the robe and its intent to strip the wearer of any self identity versus the unique style and manner in which each monk wears his own robe which stamps him as clearly himself.

Tobi has been been working with the Gyuto Monks since 2009 and has photographed them in her studio in Sydney where these images were created and has also visited them on three different occasions in India spending up to a month living amongst the 550 monks who call their monastery home.