Everyone feels something, even if it’s nothing

Todd Anderson-Kunert

Exhibition dates: September 2- October 1, 2011

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A lot of personality And how are you today? Ill take care of it I'm almost ready Im trying to relax It can wait until tomorrow It doesn't seem to bother him Its a matter of perspective It's complicated, you wouldn't understand It was probably nothing No Ive always had a beard Sorry, where was I? Install Install Install Install

Feelings and emotions; hard things to describe, quantify and admit to.  Limited by our vocabulary, we often have no words to describe a complex emotional experience.  An action is often a more effective communication. These are the ideas underpinning this exhibition. Todd Anderson-Kunert is acknowledging our emotional life and attempting to understand more about the thought processes and actions of human beings, and how these actions can ultimately affect the life of others. These universal concepts are portrayed with common gestures in everyday situations in ordinary suburban settings – something that we can all relate to. This inclusivity is further emphasized through the conversational language of his titles. The beauty of Anderson-Kunert’s work is in its simplicity and its ability to communicate powerfully. The emotional content of the images are amplified by the use of a soundtrack. The surround sound installation constructed by the artist to accompany the images utilizes various cinematic techniques in order to activate emotions concealed within the viewer and the viewed simultaneously, creating an engulfing, emotionally charged environment.