Photographic Reproduction

Analogue Projection Prints

Recently at the Colour Factory we have been working on a remarkable and exciting project with artist STELARC, in conjunction with Scott Livesey Galleries. Interestingly this project started with digital and has ended in analogue. The outcome is a mural chromogenic print of overwhelming proportions. STELARC commissioned Graham Baring to take his portrait and assist…

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Accurate colour for photographic art prints

Accurate colour is important to all photographic artists and critical in achieving the perfect print. From exposing or capturing the image through to printing and installation, minor adjustments of colour can create different emotional and psychological responses. With this in mind – how important is colour temperature in viewing a work of art, and should…

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Green print options available soon

The Colour Factory is currently upgrading its printing facilities to embrace green print options. In these times when everyone is becoming more conscious of the impact they are having on the environment, the Colour Factory is investing in ways it can offer more environmentally friendly printing options to its customers. As part of these green…

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