Artist Exhbition Opening Tonight 'You are the light'

You are the light
Counihan Gallery Brunswick
Drew Pettifer

Opening 6-8pm Thursday June 11


“Drew Pettifer’s confessional photography records and reflects on private moments in the life of the artist. This immersive series explores themes of intimacy, youth and the domestic and the ambiguities that surround these amorphous categories.”

We Were Young
KINGS ARI Gallery 1
Artists: David van Royen, Vivian Cooper Smith and Ian Tippett
5 – 27 June


‘We Were Young’ brings together the work of three photographers, which developed through a series of conversations. The resulting work examines collective undercurrents of fear and expectation prevalent today. It does this by juxtaposing the ordinary next to the imaginary and the calm next to the anxious. ‘We Were Young’ strips away ideology and dogma to lay bare personal and private fears.

Ian Tippett shows young people protected by the cocoon of the ipod, insulated from the ordinary by the fantasy of music. David van Royen makes photographs of metaphorical landscape where fears of mortality and expectations of family overwhelm reality. Vivian Cooper Smith uses light to represent the incursion of the public into the domestic. The subject is seen divided by imaginary and primal fears.

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