Professional Film Processing

professional film processing | Melbourne | Colour Factory

Film Processing Centre For Traditional Film

Colour Negative Film

We provide a professional dip & dunk film processing for colour negative film, including 5” x 4”, 35mm and 120 roll film.

Dip & dunk processing means your film never touches a roller on its journey, unlike rapid access processors, which service the amateur market. Beware of imitations!

We also provide proof scans and traditional contact proofs from the darkroom.

Black and White Film

Black and white film is hand processed. This is a fully customised service. We use a variety of film developers and are happy to accomodate your preference where possible.

All the Colour Factory staff shoot film, so processing standards are important to us.

Our processes are tightly monitored in accordance with Kodak's guidelines. Control strips, strict chemical analysis, specific gravity, iron content in the bleach, and much more, are all part of our standard practises.

You can talk to our processing staff to learn more, or book in for a processing course.


Fine Art Printing Services

We're also well known for our fine art printing services, with the results of our work being displayed in galleries, art exhibitions and the walls of many a home and business.

We're Film Photographers Too!

As film photographers, we understand the exacting requirements that you have because we have those exacting requirements ourselves. Shooting film is a passion of ours and we understand your passion too. That is why only the best results are good enough.

professional film processing | Melbourne | Colour Factory