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  • Colour Factory Print Editions

    Limited Edition Print sales | Melbourne | Colour Factory

    Limited Editions

    Colour Factory and the artist stipulate how many prints are in the edition. This guarantees that once the edition is sold out no more prints will be made of that image.

    Our Edition Certificate guarantees the authenticity of the artist’s signature and also contains the edition details: format, date stamp, edition number and print number and material.

    Open Edition Print sales | Melbourne | Colour Factory

    Open Editions

    Our Open Editions are not limited in number, meaning the amount in circulation can always be adjusted to meet the demand. Since these works aren’t signed by the artists, it is possible for us to offer them at very competitive prices.

    Colour Factory open editions are  photographic or pigment inkjet prints provided with an  Certificate of authenticity.

    Colour Factory Gallery

    Discover and share our passion for photographic and fine art with a mixture of exciting newcomers as well as established practicing artists.

    Affordable, high quality, limited edition prints.